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Hawleywood Lumber Company, located in Hawley, MN, offers a full-service lumberyard and various other home-building materials for sale. Since its conception in 2023, Hawleywood has established itself as a trusted resource for equipment and supplies for any construction project. We understand the importance of a job well done, and in order to accomplish that, you need the proper tools. That’s why we only carry the best of the best. At our store in Hawley, we offer quality building materials and reliable lumber for sale.

We are prepared to roll with the ever-evolving construction industry. Therefore, we are always adapting and updating our inventory to the customers’ needs. As a testament to that, our original stock of products has only increased as our business continues to grow. Simply put, as the industry changes, we change with it. Moreover, our staff are eager to help customers with service, product knowledge, and delivery. Plus, we offer countless tools for rent at Zeus- our equipment rental store in Fargo, ND. We make it our mission to provide cutting-edge materials to build a home as well as unbeatable customer service. Let’s work together today to get you on the path to an improved home, shed, pole barn, and anything in between!

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Heavy Construction Equipment Rental

Let Zeus make your job easier! At Zeus, our sister company in Fargo, we offer heavy construction equipment rental so you can have the resources to build your dream home. We have various big tools for rent that are available to you. This includes skid steer loaders, rough terrain scissor lifts, compact track loaders, and more.

Our goal at Zeus is to keep your project moving forward, without the hassle of owning and maintaining the heavy construction equipment. You just rent and go! We’ll even take care of delivery and pick up from your job site; therefore, allowing you to keep the ball rolling with no interruptions. There are endless options of tools for rent at Zeus, just call us first to ensure the equipment is available.


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