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At Hawleywood, our lumberyard is stocked full of various lengths and types of lumber for sale. We carry industry-standard lumber, ensuring longevity and durability as you construct your next project. Our products are priced competitively; therefore, giving you the most bang for your buck. The lines of lumber vary depending on type and purpose. If you’re looking to wood frame furniture or a building, we have a variety of SPF lumber available. For a refined appearance to the interior of your home, with texture and formality, we offer Hem-Fir Select lumber. Lastly, in the case of building a deck or other outdoor structure, we carry Pressure-treated lumber to provide durability that withstands the storm. Of course, if you’re unsure, our team will help you determine the best wood for your project.

We are willing to make customizations on our lumber if need be. Our crew is happy to work with the unique needs of your home renovation project.

Below is a list of the lengths we carry in our lumberyard:
  • 2×4 – 92 5/8” | 104 5/8” | Studs
  • 2×6 – 92 5/8” |  104 5/8” | Studs
  • 2×4 – 8’ | 10’ | 12’ | 16’ | 18’ | 20’ | Premium
  • 2×6 – 8’ | 10’ | 12’ | 14’ | 16’ | 18’ | 20’
  • 2×8 – 8’ | 10’ | 12’ | 16’ | 18’ | 20’
  • 2×10 – 8’ | 10’ | 12’ | 16’
  • 2×12 – 8’ | 10’ | 12’ | 16’

Why Hawleywood Lumber Company?

Our team of knowledgeable tradesmen is eager to assist with any questions or concerns you have about our lumber for sale. As people who work with our hands, we understand the determination and grit that goes into any project. That’s why we offer industry-backed knowledge when helping you determine the best materials for building a deck, house, or other structure. With a wide selection of top-grade lumber and expert advice, it’s the destination for both seasoned professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Additionally, we offer free delivery. Our goal is to be as helpful as possible to you as you take on a large construction project. You simply tell us when and where you would like the lumber, and we’ll bring it to you! Rely on Hawleywood Lumber Company to provide materials needed to build a home, house, garage, barndominium, and more!

Come check out our wide selection of lumber in Hawley today!